Branchenbuch Frankfurt

Signature by Regus - Frankfurt, Signature Westhafen Tower  

Straße / Nr.: Westhafenplatz 1
PLZ / Ort: 60327 FRANKFURT
Telefon: 069 710456000
Fax: 069 710456450


Welcome to the world’s most sought after workspace. Welcome to our exclusive portfolio of luxury offices, meeting rooms and creative coworking spaces for individuals and companies who demand impeccable attention to detail. Welcome to Signature by Regus. From iconic skyscrapers to sophisticated and stylish destinations, our Signature facilities are designed to make a statement by projecting refinement, success and prestige. We provide everything you need on demand, making it easy to work, meet and create a home for your business in the world’s most desirable buildings. Discover an experience that exceeds all expectations, delivering everything your heart desires and more from a prestige workspace location.

Stichwörter, Firmentätigkeit

Office Space, Meeting Room, Co-working